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Insurance Industry

Claims Management

SCM’s approach uses technology that drives efficiencies within any claims management program. These efficiencies improve customer satisfaction and the speed of decision-making, which shortens total cycle time. SCM also gives claims professionals robust investigations competency to:

  • Properly evaluate suspicious claims
  • Secure property from further loss after it has suffered a catastrophic event

By offering claims professionals with tools and efficiencies, the claims process can be optimized rather than run at status quo.


SCM helps brokers compete at a higher level by offering business development support and retention strategies.

Brokers can expand their offering by partnering with SCM to be more competitive. As a business development and retention strategy, SCM also offers brokers:

  • The ability to leverage SCM data and technology
  • The insight to offer creative and flexible solutions to their current clients and prospects.

Brokers should be advisors to their clients. SCM offers the support and the resources for brokers to provide well-thought out advice and solutions that transcend their client’s account and is based on industry-wide data.

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