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SCM Insurance Services has been supporting the insurance and risk management community for more than 30 years with over 200 locations and over 3,000 employees across North America providing claims adjusting, third-party administration (TPA), risk management, investigative, surveillance, risk mitigation, medical services, forensic services (accounting/engineering), and risk intelligence. It is our commitment to strategically evolve our services and expertise to support the ever-changing challenges of our clients. Innovative technology, expert staff, and solid customer service are the hallmarks that distinguish SCM Insurance Services.

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International Programs Group


International Programs Group – Leading provider of TPA services.

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International Programs Group (IPG) is an independent third-party claims administration team that provides claims services for Lloyd’s of London, domestic insurers, self-insured entities, and other organizations. Our clients’ interests are looked after by a team of professionals who understand the expertise, systems, management information, data, and skill sets required in this industry to provide the highest quality TPA services.

pario Forensic
Pario Forensic Accounting Services


Comprehensive forensic accounting solutions for your business.

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Pario Forensic combines accounting knowledge with investigative skills in various settings in order to provide objective and independent financial conclusions. We are employed by a variety of institutions and work with individuals in the insurance, legal, law enforcement, financial and governmental industries, among others. Our credentialed professionals offer over 100 years of combined experience in the forensic accounting world.

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National claims management solutions


Leading provider of multi-line claims solutions.

An independent adjusting and claims management company that helps insurers provide excellent customer service and save indemnity dollars by providing efficient and consistent claims management and software services.

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