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Mike Ackroyd, Senior Vice President, Information Technology

Mike AckroydMike Ackroyd is the Senior Vice President of Information Technology at SCM Insurance Services. He’s spent over 15 years in the IT industry, 14 of which have been at SCM. He previously worked as a systems analyst servicing both public and private sectors.

Mike’s role is to provide IT operational management across all seven SCM-owned companies; all told, this includes 2700 staff and 45 full-time IT staff. He’s responsible for developing IT strategy, product road mapping, project management, due diligence and integration of SCM acquisitions, as well as conducting risk mitigation and disaster recovery programs. Mike is also responsible for IT governance – developing policy, overseeing hiring process, setting and tracking budget, and licensing. He also provides client support and vendor management, as necessary.

He is a highly motivated, skilled IT professional with a background in application development. Mike prides himself on his big-picture thinking, resulting in innovative solutions to business requirements. He is a seasoned leader with a natural talent for facilitating effective communication.

Mike is a member of the CIO Association of Canada and is an honours graduate of Computer Systems Technology through the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).

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